Torque Rheometer

Torque Rheometer

Torque Rheometer

What is a Torque Rheometer

Torque rheometer is an instrument for the study of material flow, plasticizing, heating, and shear stability. Torque rheometer is widely being used research and production for the study of polymer engineering and processing reference as an internal mixer.

typical curve

When material are added into the chamber for testing, two counter rotating rotors of different speeds will mix the material with forces of shearing and squeezing. The torque sensor detest the reaction force on the rotors and a computer will record the changes of the torque along the time line.

Comparing to a viscosity meter, which is also for testing the material flow behaviors, the torque rheometer provides a method of a dynamic measuring method in a condition that is closer to the real processing condition. The torque rheometer records the rheology characters of polymer composite, polymer alloy, cross linking polymer, and thermoplastic elastomer, which very useful for the study of polymer material for its stability in a dynamic condition with changing rotor/screw speed. The torque rheometer is more flexible, convenient, easy to use, and time saving for data recording and processing.

Functions of Torque Rheometer


  • Recording torque curve during material extrusion using highly sensitive sensor
  • Study material structure, rheological behavior, and processing behaviors through torque changes

Features of Torque Rheometer

  • dispersion kneaderETH high precision torque transducer from Germany
  • Testing condition close to real processing condition
  • High measuring precision, recognize minor changes in material structure and component
  • Uniformed frame, space saving
  • Dual overload protection, both mechanical and electrical
  • Easy operation, easy maintenance and cleaning

Applications of Precision Torque Rheometer

  • Development of polymer material formula
  • Material performance and quality testing
  • PVC melt index
  • Plasticize absorption test of PVC dry blend
  • Heat and shear stability of thermo-plastic material
  • Performance testing of cross linked XLPE
  • Flow and frozen behavior of the cross linked polymer material.


Video Link of Torque Rheometer

Specifications of Torque Rheometer


Max. torque

Torque precision

Speed ratio

Chamber volume

Melt temperature precision


140 N.m

0.5 %F.s


55 cm3

±1 ℃


Heating method

Cooling method

Motor power

Heating power

Total power

Machine weight

Electric heating

Air cooling

3 kW

1.5 kW

4.5 kW

≈400 kg


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