Master-batch Filter Pressure Value (FPV) Testers
Introduction of Filter Pressure Value (FPV) Tester

Filter Pressure Value (FPV) Testing Machine is an experimental equipment fully designed according to the European standard EN13900-5:2005. It consists of a small precision single screw extruder, a melt pump, a manual screen changer, and a computer measuring and analyzing system.

The material is first molten and homogenized by the single screw extruder. Then it goes through the melt pump to the die installed with the filter in a constant speed. The machine will instantly measure and record the variation curve of the melt pressure and automatically calculate the Filter Pressure Value (FPV) to achieve the present of dispersion of master batch and other materials.

Applications of Filter Pressure Value (FPV) Tester

  • Master-batch new product development and formula optimization;
  • Filled master-batch new product development and formula optimization;
  • Quality inspection and control 

Features of Filter Pressure Value (FPV) Tester

  • Fully designed and manufactured according to the European standard EN13900-5:2005, which is highly reliable.
  • Adopting the servo motor for the single screw extruder, which guarantee the stability of the plasticization and consistency of the data.
  • The melt pump is driven by the servo motor, ensuring the stability and accuracy of the melt flow.
  • The unique small manual screen changer makes the changing easy and fast.
  • Adopting DYNISCO melt pressure and temperature sensor to ensure the accuracy of data to be tested.
  • Using computer based monitoring and control system and user friendly interface, the machine is easy to operate with strong functions.
  • With real-time measurement and graphic display, it is easy to observe the melt pressure and temperature of the melt pump and pre-filter.
  • The material formula can be saved and loaded easily.
  • Automatically calculating the Filter Pressure Value (FPV).
  • The testing report (standard EN13900-5:2005 form) can be generated and printed automatically.
  • There is an emergency stop device and other security devices to protect the safety of operator.

Specifications of Filter Pressure Value (FPV) Tester




Melt pump volume



Melt pump power



Melt pump pressure measuring range


Before pump: 10

After pump: 35

Pressure measuring accuracy


±0.5% F.S

Heating method


Electrical heating

Max. temp.



Temp. control accuracy



Total power