Lab Extrusion Systems

HARDEN INDUSTRIES LTD supplies the customers with a comprehensive line of laboratory and pilot scale polymer extrusion equipment designed to meet the process requirements of the plastic raw material and processing industry for product development, polymer research, material testing, and quality control. All measuring values such as torque, melt pressure, melt temperature, viscosity,  shearing force, could be recorded continuously and represented in the form of tables and graphs parallel to the running test.

Our lab lines are available as single & multilayer turnkey extrusion systems or individual machines for the application of cast film, blown film, sheet, tubing, mixing, pelletizing, and filament, as well as rheometer.

Torque Rheometer

Our lab extrusion machines are compact, versatile, high precise, high stable and designed to meet the ever-changing needs of laboratories, universities, and small scale production.


lab precise cast film extrusion line


Besides standar designed equipment, our lab extrusion lines can be custom engineered to meet the specific processing needs of your extrusion application.  Hartek Technologies Ltd.and Potop are two brands under the umbrella of HARDEN forcuing on standard model precise extrusion machines and advanced and customerized extrusion products, respectively. Most of our standard model products are CE certified.

Desktop Cast Film Machine

HARDEN is dedicated to provide the best instruments and service for you all over the world.

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